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Tech talent is certainly something the UK has in spades. Over the years, startups like Funding Circle, Unruly and Love Home Swap have cemented Blighty’s position as a leader when it comes to digital innovation. However, a new report has unveiled four challenges that the UK must overcome to maintain its position as tech top dog.

The Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), a policy group representing tech and digital startups, has just released a report titled A Global Britain: From local startups to international markets. After speaking to the leaders of about 150 UK startups and holding roundtable discussions with investors, founders and policy experts, Coadec has revealed four areas that the UK government must address to clear the way for the future success of the sector. It’s calling on the government to provide a steady pipeline of skilled domestic workers, help startups recruit talent from abroad, secure investment for new enterprises and remove any international trade hurdles.

Time and time again, startups cite the domestic tech skills shortage as one of their biggest problems. Coadec partly attributes this talent gap to the varied quality of university tech courses, which has left 11.7% of graduates unemployed for up to six months after finishing their education. To overcome this, Coadec suggests that the government expands the current apprentice scheme to include software development. It also suggests that it makes changes to the educational system so that all 16-19 year-olds would be expected to study maths and anyone wanting to pursue further or higher education had to display basic literacy and numeracy skills.

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